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Music Therapy

Hospice Music Therapy

Music Brings us a sense of comfort, completion, and wholeness.  It supports, it connects, it stimulates, it relaxes, it encourages, it expresses, it consoles.  Music can provide a powerful voice and validation to the thoughts and feelings that often arise when facing a life limiting illness.

Music Therapy is a patient-centered, non-invasive treatment designed to alleviate pain and stress, effectively manage physical symptoms, facilitate emotional expression, enhance mood, stimulate memory recall, and provide unique opportunities for interaction and emotional intimacy.  As a recognized health profession, Music Therapy is the use of music-centered experiences between a credentialed professional and a patient to achieve his or her therapeutic goals.

At Trustbridge, Board Certified Music Therapists utilize music to meet the unique needs of our patients and their families.  The music therapist forms a therapeutic bond with the patient and family and offers support from the time of admission through the last moments of life.

Trustbridge also offers a six-month Music Therapy clinical internship program to qualified university students.  This internship is approved by the American Music Therapy Association and is affiliated with the University of Miami and Florida State University.  Furthermore, the Music Therapy department at Trustbridge has been granted "Approved Provider" status from the Certified Board for Music Therapists.  This allows us for Certified Music Therapy Education units to be provided to music therapists across the country.

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